24 July 2008

What's this all about?

I got a new LP the other day, a collection of Star Wars covers from a rather tight jazz ensemble. There aren't many reviews of this album on the internet. I suppose since it was published in 1980 and hasn't been issued on CD it has been forgotten.

It took a bit of work to track it down and to get it to where I could listen to it. I don't have a record player anymore, so in addition to finding a copy of the album I also had to find (and pay) someone to record the LP to digital and burn it to CDR.

After all that work, why keep this to myself? Why not share this with others interested in Star Wars music, I thought. I can post about the album to a few forums - OR - perhaps I can whip out a little blog that will be accessible to a larger number of people. And while I'm at it, I can share my reviews and samples of other SW music in my collection. And meet a lot of collectors with whom I can trade music. (And make a bigger collection that I will someday need to get rid of.)

And so, after a couple of hours of tinkering, here it is. My new blog. Not too spiffy, but good enough to get the job done.

I hope.

May John Williams be with us.